Top 3 Martial Artists That Are Not So Popular In T.V

More and more people are becoming aware of how wonderful martial arts can be. This has made tremendous establishments of schools and training camps all around the globe, which Moy  Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu Club Washington DC is one prominent example.  

When it comes to martial arts, names like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris have been popular not just because of their skills in this field but because of their exposure by the media. These famed martial artists were, of course, well-deserving of their popularity that made them a famous inspiration by other practitioners and their contemporary followers. However, martial arts are varied and there were also several grandmasters that were famed not by their acting skills in different films but by pure skills in martial arts. Funakoshi, Kimura, and Yip Man were among the list of the top martial artists that are not popular in T.V. 

1.Gichin Funakoshi 

Funakoshi’s influence in martial arts was written and recorded in the “Twenty Guiding Principles of Karate,” a book that contains his philosophies in karate that has become the founding principles used by Shokotan karate student. In fact, some of his students had also become grandmasters martial arts like Hironori Otsuka and Mas Oyama who invented the 100-man Kumite. Shokotan was a style formualted by Funakoshi. 

He died obtaining a fifth dan in karate, which is the highest rank one could achieve in these times.  

2.Masahiko Kimura 

A martial artist that was promoted to yondan at the age of 15 with only six years of martial arts training. He obtained his black belt in 1935 and became one of the youngest godan. When he was 20 years old, he became the All Japan Open Weight Judo Champion, a title that he was able to maintain for up to 13 years.  

He was known for his difficult personal training that consisted of 9 hours session per day that includes 1,000 push-ups. He used his own technique, reversed underarm when he defeated Helio Gracie in a match in Brazil, that was later popularized and named Kimura. 

3.Yip Man 

He was known as a high-level expert in Wu Shu and Wing Chun, and his life was made into several movies like Ip man starred by Donnie Yen, also a martial arts expert. He taught many students of his skills and many of whom went to teach martial arts as well, which made his influence spread in and out of China. In fact, two of his students, grandmaster William Cheung and Bruce Lee also made their influence through the teaching of Yip Man.  

Other names that are worthy to mention include Helio Gracie, Jigoro Kano, and Mas Oyama.  

Although these grand martial artists were not very popular in the media unlike Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee, these grandmasters have given so much contribution in the field of martial arts that have developed and created popular grandmasters like Bruce Lee, which was a student of Yip Man.